Messier Banff Hockey School

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2016 Sessions Available

July 31st - Aug. 5th | Aug. 7th - Aug. 12th,2016

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Session 1

July 31st - Aug. 5th,2016

Session 2

Aug. 7th - Aug. 12th,2016

2016 23rd Annual Messier Banff Hockey School

We offer a Canmore Minor Hockey "Locals" rate. $680 + GST (reg. $835 + GST)

3 six day sessions throughout July & August 2016 with all session start days being Sunday, ending the following Friday.

The on-ice instructional program is primarily geared to athletes ranging from 7 to 17 years of age. The ages are divided into three groups of two hockey teams who live in the same residence together, share the same ice sessions and scrimmages together.

Hardworking, controlled scrimmages are held daily to reaffirm the techniques learned during the week. This will develop characteristics of peak performers and increased fitness levels of hockey players who will:

  • Utilize their skills more effectively with confidence.
  • Execute and make correct decisions when others are fatigued.
  • Increase resistance to injury.
  • Better handle stresses of competition, training and success.
  • Increase pain tolerance and overcome nagging soft tissue and bone injuries.

Ice Time

kids puckhandling at Messier Banff Hockey SchoolThe Ice Time is provided in three separate sessions. The first two sessions of individual skill instruction are one hour and 20 minutes, leaving 80 minutes for the daily scrimmage. Our high staff/student ratio enables a lot of individual attention for teaching and error correction in passing, shooting, skating, balance, body contact and position, read & react, strength over the puck, and puck handling.

Game situation play in the defense, offense and neutral zone is taught in the daily scrimmages.

Athol Murray College of Notre Dame

Athol Murray College of Notre Dame (a boarding school for grades 9 - 12) has a long standing tradition and a lot of influence on the Banff Hockey School. Many of our staff attended Notre Dame and our hockey camp was held on the college campus for 12 years. We take pride in the development of players - from hockey school in the summer to attending the college in the fall and eventually moving on to play at the highest levels the game has to offer. The following are just some of the past, current and future hockey stars who played at Notre Dame and who have been affiliated with our summer hockey school: Mitch and Joby Messier, Wendell Clark, Barry Trotz, Dale Derkatch, Russ Courtnall, Rod Brind'Amour, Curtis Joseph, Jordan Messier, Brandon Gormley and Jaden Schwartz. With other alumni like Vincent Lecavalier and Brad Richards, the tradition of excellence continues. To learn more about the College please go to oilers tickets

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