Everything I did in hockey, I worked for.  

Wayne Gretzky

from Peewee to minors and all the inbetween

Equipment Picks

Are your kids ready to hit the ice? They’ve got their skates, helmet, and gloves. But what about your stick?

For the best gear out there in pads, sticks, and goalie equipment for beginners or experts alike – check out our top picks for ice hockey equipment.

Tips & Advice

Do you want you kids to be the best you can be? If so, check out this section for all things hockey.

If you’re looking for tips and advice on how to train or drills to engage your kids and improve their skills, look no further. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced player, we’ve got tips for everyone.

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Banff Hockey School’s Mission is to be an online resource that provides you with quality, objective information about starting a journey into ice hockey and finding the best gear for your game.

While primarily aimed at hockey for kids, be sure to check our blog section where you will find helpful tips and information that can benefit hockey players of all ages.


Starting Your Own Hockey Story

You want to find the right ice hockey club for kids so they can excel in the sport. Of course, every child is different. Some might want to play on a team that focuses on defense while others might want to play on teams that focus on offense. Find the best ice hockey clubs for your kid to try out and see what works best for them. You never know, it could be a lot easier than you thought!

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