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Hockey is an exciting sport that drives its players to focus and improve their overall coordination skills. One thing that must always be in tip-top condition for any player level is the hockey blade. Having your hockey blades properly sharpened is essential for the best playing experience.

While you can bring in your skates to get sharpened, having one of the best skate sharpeners in your hockey skate care kit makes it easy to keep your hockey skates sharp anytime, anywhere without having to wait for the shop to complete the job.

Let’s look into our top recommendations for the best skate sharpeners available for order online! This way, you can sharpen skates whenever the need arises.

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What to look for in the best skate sharpener

A hockey skate sharpener comes in handy in a pinch. When you do not have the time to send them to a shop and wait for them to be sharpened. A great option is to get your very own skate sharpening set. Here’s a quick rundown of a few things to look for in skate sharpeners that will give sharp edges every time.

  • Easy to follow instructions on use and sharpening
  • Compatible with all blade sizes
  • Does not damage the shape of the blade (retains sharp edge)
  • Can be stowed and brought along
  • Made with high-grade material
  • Fast sharpening
  • Requires minimal upkeep

8 of the best skate sharpeners

1. Maintain the Edge Handheld Hockey Ice Skate Sharpener

Maintain the Edge Handheld Hockey Ice Skate Sharpener (3/8' Radius of Hollow)

If you’re looking for a way to sharpen your ice skates, look no further than the Maintain The Edge Handheld Hockey Ice Skate Sharpener. It has everything you need in one simple package.

You can easily adjust it to match the width of your blade and even the edges so that they are perfectly straight. This is especially important if you have a hollow ground blade that will be cut by this product just like a powered grinder would do. In addition, there is an attached deburring stone so that when you’re done with all of that hard work, your blades will be smooth as silk!

Your blades will feel brand new again every time you use them! And since this product is handheld and easy-to-use, it doesn’t take up any space at home or in your bag when traveling from rink to rink.

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  • Easy to use
  • Cuts the hollow just like a powered grinder
  • Great training material and videos to follow online
  • Excellent grinding stone
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  • Expensive when compated to other options on this list
  • 3/8 hollow cut may not be for everyone

2. Blade Barber Skate Sharpener

Blade Barber Skate Sharpener, 1/2' ROH, 6.6° Bite Angle

Every hockey player knows how crucial it is to be ready to suit up whenever needed. This sport requires people to always be on their toes and adapt as fast as possible. Although you should always take care of your equipment before and after a game, there will be moments where a quick and instant polish can do wonders after a, particularly nasty fall.

The Blade Barber Skate Sharpener features a simple to use and quick portable holder that you slide your blade through to sharpen the skates. Simply pass the Blade Barber through the blades at least three to four times to bring it back to a sharp edge. Do note that this item is intended as a last-minute quick sharpening tool rather than a professional repair tool.

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  • Easy Guided instructions written on the Blade Barber for ease of use
  • Perfect for all blade types from goalie skates to even figure skating
  • 20 grams of weight makes this item easy to carry at all times
  • Only takes a couple of minutes or even seconds to sharpen
CROSS e1615715431936
  • Only provides quick touch-ups for easy movement around the ice or to cover uneven chipping.
  • Limited use of around 25-30 pairs of skates before needing to blade replacement

3. Sparx Skate Sharpener – Starter Bundle

SPARX Skate Sharpener - Bundle

The Sparx Skate Sharpener is probably the best skate sharpening machine that offers a quick and easily portable solution that may help in a pinch. While any hockey player will tell you that you want to go and get your hockey skates professionally sharpened at least once or twice a season. Inbetween a product such as this can really help you keep your skates in great condition.

Fortunately, you can have the comfort of having professional results on your blade sharpening without needing to spend all your money. This Sparx Sharpener Starter Bundle has everything that any hockey lover would want to gain pro-level accuracy with their sharpening skills.

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  • Plop your ice skates on the Sparx Skate Sharpener and watch it do its magic with a simple button press
  • Comes with three of the most common hollows used for hockey players for accurate sharpening
  • The Sparx sharpening system provides consistent results that only professional machines can provide
  • The quickest way to high-quality sharpened skates

CROSS e1615715431936
  • Large and weighty components make this product hard to bring around
  • Requires some initial tuning to accurately determine the size and shape of your ice skates
SPARX Skate Sharpener - Bundle
  • Sparx Sharpener Bundle - Everything you need to get sharpening. Includes:

4. Axglo Magic Stick Hockey Skate Sharpener

Axglo Magic Stick Skate Sharpener | Skate Sharpening With Honing Stone | Hockey Skate Blade...

Not everyone would want to invest in large skate sharpening machines filled with complex technical jargon. If you’re going to take your sharpening skills to the next level, try manual sharpening. The combination of proper pressure and grip can make the most significant difference when it comes to ensuring that you keep the entire blade as sharp as can be. As such, the Axglo Magic Stick Hockey Skate Sharpener can help your journey to manual sharpening easier than ever.

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  • Detailed precise tool for an accurate sharpening process
  • Comes with a bonus honing stone to complete your honing
  • Great for before and after game usage
  • Carry on with you at all times as one of the lightest manual sharpening tools on the market

CROSS e1615715431936
  • Not recommended for those that have no experience with blade sharpening
  • Similar to other hand-help sharpeners when it comes to the number of uses
Axglo Magic Stick Skate Sharpener | Skate Sharpening With Honing Stone | Hockey Skate Blade...
  • Sharpen and restore blade edges to improve your control and enhance your speed

5. A&R Sports Hockey Skate Sharpening Stone

A&R Sports Hockey Skate Sharpening Stone Tear Drop Fine

Simple sharpening tools that allow users to glide the sharpening stones through the blade is excellent for simple repairs. However, limited usage plus the difficulty of replacing those blades can cause quite a significant increase in purchase investments in the long run.

Finding that perfect edge that can make your ice skates bring out more glide than ever can be quite a challenge. Regardless of your choice of machine sharpening versus hand sharpening, there is no denying that the edges are often the most forgotten portion of them all. As such, stop neglecting the value of perfect blade edges with this A&R Hockey Skate Sharpening Stone.

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  • It is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to make their skate blade as perfect as possible.
  • It can be used for detailed work due to the curvature of the stone
  • Works on many kinds of metal, including ceramic steel
  • Premium Silicon Carbide Abrasive allows for smooth and even sharpening

CROSS e1615715431936
  • Lack of precise sharpening stick can make this edge honing tool lose value
  • Constant pressure and time are needed to ensure a perfect edge
A&R Sports Hockey Skate Sharpening Stone Tear Drop Fine
  • Useful for maintaining that perfect edge on your skates. Fine edge for detail work.

6. Proguard Hand Hone – Skate Blade Honing Stone

Proguard Hand Hone - Skate Blade Honing Stone | Removes Nicks, Scratches and Deburrs Skate Blades |...

All these sharpening and honing tools are excellent for repairing the sharpness of your ice skates. However, most sharpeners would focus on providing the ability to glide once again comfortably. But the main problem with constant sharpening is that it can make the blades thin every time you sharpen them.

This Proguard Hand Hone allows skaters to ensure that their blades do not end up chipping, or even worse, snapping in the middle of a game. Since constant speed and movement are required for playing ice hockey, you can expect the blades to burn through all the icy cold drinks. Those nicks and burns can severely damage your skates in more ways than one.

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  • Extend the playing life of your blades without risk of damages or dullness
  • Smoothen out chips or blemishes from ice burns around or on the blades
  • Medium grit stone designed to last a long amount of time
  • Simple instructions listed for easy usage

CROSS e1615715431936
  • Grit honing may require some adjustments depending on the size of the blade skates.
  • Does not return sharpness, only removes damages
Proguard Hand Hone - Skate Blade Honing Stone | Removes Nicks, Scratches and Deburrs Skate Blades |...
  • REMOVES BURRS AND NICKS FROM BLADES: The Proguard Hand Hone is a skate blade sharpening honing stone that will remove burrs, nicks, and scratches from the sides, edges, and hollow of the skate blades.

7. Edge Again Manual Player Blade Ice Skate Sharpener

Edge Again Manual Player Blade Ice Skate Sharpener

A sharpener is only valuable when it can still do its job. Once the sharpening blades become worn, you can expect that it will only provide uneven results or even some damages to your blades. As such, you should invest in a sharpener that you can depend on for years to come. And that skating sharpener happens to go in the Edge Again Manual Player Blade Ice Skate Sharpener.

This handy product works similarly with other hand skate sharpeners on this list. But what makes this particular item stand out against its competition is the diamond-coated sharpening tusks inside it. Say goodbye to purchasing replacements after every other game.

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  • Allows for easy sharpening with its unique tilted sliding design
  • Replaceable diamond-coated sharpening tusks provides for long term usage
  • Comfort padded side grips prevent accidental cuts from occurring
  • Adjustable space for all hockey player skate sizes

CROSS e1615715431936
  • Quite expensive compared to other hand sharpening skating tools
  • Not appropriate for goalie skates

8. A&R Sports The Re-Edger Multi-Function Tool

A&R Sports The Re-Edger Multi Function Tool

Ice hockey is a sport that requires a lot of patience to master. Your skill in moving around the skating rink may improve as you practice, but you can find that dealing with a stick, puck, and several other players can be quite a hassle. One thing that you might not consider as something crucial would be the sharpness of your skate blades.

Fortunately, the people over at A&R Sports has a tool that can help bring that smooth and precise movement back in your movements. All you need is this wonderful piece of equipment called The Re-Edger Multi-Function Tool.

TICK 1 e1615707946406
  • Multiple components to help bring it back to its former glory
  • A manual skate sharpener allows for a more accurate and smoother finish
  • Honing stone ensures long-term sharpened blades
  • Best used as an immediate or on-the-fly emergency sharpening skates

CROSS e1615715431936
  • Requires some knowledge when it comes to providing a perfect sharpening experience
  • Steel blade material means it only has limited uses before it becomes dull
A&R Sports The Re-Edger Multi Function Tool
  • Handheld Multi-Function Skate Blade Sharpener
A hockey player stopping fast

FAQ section

Can you sharpen skates at home?

So long as you perfectly understand using your purchased blade sharpener, you can sharpen your hockey skates at home. If you are still unsure how to use your sharpener, it is best to bring them into a sports store that provides hockey skate sharpening.

Can you sharpen hockey skates with a knife sharpener?

No, doing so will damage your blade by causing irregular sharpening or causing chips that cannot be fixed without replacing the whole edge. Sharpening your blades with a knife sharpened is also wildly inaccurate and will cause damage to the curve and hollow of the blade, causing misalignment.

How often should hockey skate blades be sharpened?

Hockey skate blades should typically be re-sharpened for every 8-10 hours of ice time. At this point, your edges are still sharp but are not at the optimal condition and can become slippery or have less gripping capabilities, making it challenging to maneuver accurately.
You could also consider using skate guards for ensuring your blades stay sharp for longer.

How to keep hockey blades sharp, longer?

There is no set way to keep hockey skate blades at their sharpest after the 8 to 10 hours of ice time. The best course of action is to have them sharpened regularly to ensure you always perform at the top during training and games.

Does sharpening hockey blades get rid of rust?

Yes. A good sharpening can fix hockey blades that collect rust over time. In cases where there is extensive rust build-up, it is best to bring your blades into a professional sports shop to have them sharpened. Some blades tend to be brittle and may chip or damage if not properly handled during sharpening.

Why is it important to keep your skates sharp?

Keeping your hockey skates sharpened allows you to maneuver precisely and quickly. During practice or games, players must find ways to maintain their balance while also moving quickly between players. Having sharpened blades ensures you can change up footwork, stop, and accelerate at optimal condition without causing harm to yourself or others.

What is the best way to sharpen skates?

The best way to shape hockey skates is with professional blade sharpening equipment. It is not recommended to use other methods as it can damage the blade by chipping or improper sharpening. Improper sharpening results in uneven curves and hollows in the edge itself, which results in permanent damage to your skates, and in turn, it will not perform as expected.

Final Thoughts

Having a way to sharpen skates of your very own is a great way to save yourself time and money. While many of the recommendations listed above are pricey, those who consistently skate or have a hockey-playing family will surely see the long-term savings pile up. Getting your skates sharpened professionally can add up. This is especially true during peak season when training and games are abundant.

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