SuperDeker Review | Advanced Ice Hockey Training System

Ice hockey is a sport that requires quick hands, quick feet, and a quick mind. The SuperDeker is an advanced hockey training system perfect for a home training tool for anyone who wants to quickly improve their hockey skills off-ice, anytime they wish.

To get a better idea of how this professional ice hockey training pad works, read up on this SuperDeker review we’ve put together for you.

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1-Minute SuperDecker Review

SuperDeker Advanced Ice Hockey Training System | Real Ice Feel, Light Up Sensors Stickhandling Game...

With its real ice feel, training aids, and numerous challenge levels, the SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training pad is perfect for all skill levels. Even advanced hockey players find the SuperDeker system to be one of a kind when it comes to improving puck control and playing hockey.

Its easy-to-use game modes and set-up teach you everything you need to know to play like a pro. The SuperDeker comes with everything you need to make hockey training a breeze, even when off-ice.

All you have to do is place the pad anywhere in your home with enough space, plug it in, turn it on and start using it. After one use, you will be amazed at the improvement in your hockey playing ability, including those tricky stick-handling maneuvers.

The SuperDeker advanced hokey training system comes very close to real-time ice hockey training in the rink. It comes will all the necessary equipment professional hockey players and beginners alike will need to get started, including: 

  • Automatic Scoreboard
  • Friction ice spray
  • A real hockey puck
  • SuperDeker board
  • Rebounder bands
  • Power cable

For a quick overview, let’s take a look at the most notable features of the SuperDeker Advanced Ice Hockey Training System. 

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  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Promotes multi-skill development
  • It plays and feels like a real ice rink
  • Improves hand-eye coordination and reaction time
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  • Expensive
  • Does not practice footwork
  • Small practice area
  • More for light training and beginner players

Let’s take a closer look

How it works

The SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System comes with a stickhandling surface closely resembling that of a hockey rink. It also comes equipped with two rebounders placed on both sides. Unlike its counterparts, it requires electricity for it to work. Along with your purchase, you will also get an epuck, which is the only puck compatible with use on the pad.

The goal is to maneuver the puck over the red lights across the pad. Each time the puck passes over a red light, players will receive a point. The overall goal is to maneuver the epuck over as many red lights before the 45-second mark.

Overall, the SuperDeker is a fun way to play hockey off the rink and enjoy the whole family. Moreover, professionals can use the pad to retain their reaction times while beginners can get down the basics of puck and stickhandling in an easy to learn and engaging manner.


In terms of performance, the pad itself comes with a zero-friction ice spray that is easily applied before training rounds. The spray keeps the surface smooth and allows the epuck to glide effortlessly across the surface.

The SuperDeker puck is regulation weight giving players an actual feel for the game. The rebound bands on either side give a crisp pass back action to the player giving ample room to practice receiving and also preventing the puck from leaving the mat.

The red lights are highly responsive and will blink off as soon as the puck crosses over them, making it easy to plan your next move set or maneuver. Youth hockey players will definitely enjoy the off-ice training it provides in improving hand-eye coordination and quick response.

The SuperDeker Training System also provides control training by improving reaction times since players will need to move the puck around as quickly as possible to hit as many red lights before time is up.


Ultimately the SuperDeker Hockey Training pad is a hockey training simulation game. While it does boast good reviews in improving hand-eye coordination, reflex, and stickhandling, there are still limitations that set it apart from real ice hockey training.

For one, many SuperDeker ice users notice that it is necessary to look down at the mat the entirety of the time. This is counterproductive in a hockey training system as players need to keep their head up during gameplay, using their peripheral vision to maximize gameplay fully.

Ease of set up and use

When it comes to setting up the training system, SuperDeker definitely makes it easy to do. All you need to get started are the included parts: the hockey pad, the epuck, two rebounders, an instruction manual, the power cable, zero friction ice spray, and four small screws.

The pad itself is extremely lightweight, making it easy to move around and set up anywhere. Once you unpack the box, you will find everything you need to put the pad together. Simply unfold the mat and lay it out on the floor.

Then, place the two rebounders on either side of the mat and screw them into the floor. Next, spray the ice surface with the included ice spray and place the epuck on top of the mat. When you are finished, you can play immediately. That’s it! The pad is now ready to use. 


The SuperDeker has an excellent reputation when it comes to reliability. It has withstood the test of time and has been a mainstay in many hockey players’ tool kits for years. Its design allows it to be played on hardwood, carpet, or any other type of flooring.

It is extremely durable and will withstand being knocked around and stepped on. The SuperDeker Hockey Training Pad is an

When you consider the cost of actually playing hockey, the value of this training system easily justifies itself. Moreover, since it is backed by a one-year warranty and comes with free lifetime technical support, it is an even more attractive deal.

Ongoing Maintenance

Another thing to consider is that since the pad is made of low friction polycarbonate surface, it requires very little maintenance. Simply wipe off the pad with a damp cloth after use, and you are ready to go again. The pad itself can last for years when cared for properly. You will need to purchase zero friction ice spray once you run out of the one that comes with your initial purchase. 

Also, some users mention the need to replace the rebound bands ass they snap or lose their elasticity over time. But this is a rare occurrence, and more often than not, users have no issues with the rebound bands unless it is due to wear and tear from consistent use. 

Extra Purchases and ongoing costs

The SuperDeker comes with everything you need to get started with hockey training right off the bat. If you are considering using the SUperDeker regularly, it would be beneficial to purchase the SuperDeker Ultimate Bundle with comes with:

SuperDeker board,

  • 4 rebounder bands
  • 2 ePucks
  • 2 bottles of Zero Friction Ice Spray
  • 1 ePuck Max
  • 1 SuperDeker Carry Case
  • 1 Power Cable

All this comes at a cost of around $100 more as compared to the regular option. The convince of having an extra set of rebound bands and spray is well worth the price as buying these individually for the SuperDeker Advanced Training System will end up costing more. Plus, you get the added perk of a carrying case, allowing you to bring the pad along to the ice rink or other venues if needed.

A couple of alternatives to consider

Better Hockey Extreme Passer Puck Rebounder - Clamp-On Pro Professional Quality Sports Training Aid...

Hockey Revolution My Training Surface

If you are not completely sold on the SuperDeker, there are alternatives to consider. For those looking for a less expensive hockey training pad, you can look into the Hockey Revolution My Training Surface available on Amazon for less than what the SuperDeker costs.

The My Training Surface from Hockey Revolution is a great alternative that also improves your hockey skills in a fun and easy-to-use way. It comes with 15 interactive training surfaces and stickers complimented by the Hockey Revolution App that can easily be downloaded on your phone or tablet.

Similar to the SuperDeker, place the mat on any flat, smooth surface, like a driveway, a sidewalk, or a gym floor, and follow the easy-to-understand instructions. When you’re done, you’ll have a high-quality, portable hockey training surface that you can use anywhere.

Better Hockey Extreme Passer Puck Rebounder

Alternatively, you can also look into the Better Hockey Extreme Passer Puck Rebounder, also available on Amazon for less than the SuperDecker. If you really want to improve your one-time accuracy, this is the tool you need. It’s easy to use, easy to clamp onto any hockey floor, and helps you improve your one-time accuracy without a partner or the need for a training surface. 

Skate Anytime – Synthetic Ice for Hockey

A lady skating on synthetic ice | SuperDeker Review

For those looking for a highly realistic ice hockey feel and having some money to burn, you can opt to check out the Skate Anytime – Synthetic Ice and look to create your own mini synthetic ice rink. The Standard Starter Kit comes with 8 panels and offers up 20 square feet of skating space, and you have the option of adding panels for a higher price.

However, you are getting a personal rink to train or practice hockey moves on at this price. In turn, you are getting as close to a real hockey training experience as possible, improving your overall skills while also being able to practice footwork and maneuvering techniques.

Compared to the training tools we talked about, perhaps the downside to this is portability, which would be difficult to do with more panels included. All in all, this option is best for those who plan on leaving the training sessions in one location. You can check out our article about the pros and cons of synthetic ice if you want to know a bit more on this.


Does the SuperDeker work?

Yes, it does. The reason is that the mat on which the training takes place has been engineered to work in conjunction with the unique design of the epuck. By using this pad and this unique training method, you will get results that will improve hand-eye coordination and reaction times.

What does the SuperDeker come with?

The SuperDeker Advanced Ice Hockey System, priced at a little over $300, comes with: 
– SuperDeker board
– 2 rebounder bands
– 1 ePuck
– 1 bottle of Zero Friction Ice Spray
– 1 Power Cable
While the SuperDeker Bundle, priced at just over $400, comes with: 
– SuperDeker board
– 4 rebounder bands
– 2 ePucks
– 2 bottles of Zero Friction Ice Spray
– 1 ePuck Max
– 1 SuperDeker Carry Case
– 1 Power Cable

Does the SuperDeker need batteries?

No. The SuperDeker comes with a power cable and requires a power outlet to work. This means you will have to directly plug the pad into an outlet for it to work.

How big is the SuperDeker?

The SuperDeker measurements are: ‎170.18 x 72.39 x 2.21 cm and weighs 5.9 Kilograms.

SuperDeker review – final thoughts

The SuperDeker is an extremely useful hockey training system. It can be used by both youth and adult players to develop important skills such as stickhandling, passing, and puck control. The lightweight design makes it easy to move around, and the durable construction ensures that it will withstand years of intensive training. It is backed by a one-year warranty and comes with free lifetime technical support. All in all, this is a great bargain hockey training system.

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