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Having a reliable pair of hockey skate laces is a small detail of hockey gear many professional and recreational players miss out on. While having the best hockey skate laces may not be top of the list, it is still worth taking the time to look into.

Hockey laces are an often-overlooked hero in the world of essential ice hockey equipment, so ensuring you only get the best hockey skate laces you can find is a pretty big deal. They are what will keep your boot securely fastened in place during gameplay, prevent loosening, and in turn, the constant need to leave the rink and readjust your fit. A sub-par pair will quickly loosen during gameplay, leading to potential injury.

Also, laces made of bad quality will deteriorate quickly. While cheaper, the cost adds up as you will end up purchasing a new set after only a few uses!

Choosing the right pair of laces for your ice hockey skates can get cumbersome, especially when you consider all the brands and features available out there. Here, we list the ten best sets of hockey laces available and explain the key features and benefits.

Our job is to make your lace shopping experience as simple as possible so you can get back on the ice instead of spending precious time deciding on hockey laces!

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Elite Hockey PRO-X7 Wide Molded Tip Cotton Hockey Skate
Best Waxed
Howies Hockey Skate Laces
Best Value
A&R Sports Unisex Hockey Striker Skate Laces
Elite Hockey PRO-X7 Skate Laces (X7-Black, 96")
Howies Hockey Skate Laces - 1 Pack - Colored Wax (Choose Your Color) for Youth, Junior and Senior...
A&R Sports USA Hockey Laces, 84-Inch, Neon Pink
Amazon Prime
Best Unwaxed
Elite Hockey PRO-X7 Wide Molded Tip Cotton Hockey Skate
Elite Hockey PRO-X7 Skate Laces (X7-Black, 96")
Amazon Prime
Best Waxed
Howies Hockey Skate Laces
Howies Hockey Skate Laces - 1 Pack - Colored Wax (Choose Your Color) for Youth, Junior and Senior...
Best Value
A&R Sports Unisex Hockey Striker Skate Laces
A&R Sports USA Hockey Laces, 84-Inch, Neon Pink

Waxed vs unwaxed hockey laces

Before we get going, let’s have a quick look at one of the most important decisions you will have to make regarding hockey laces; choosing between waxed and unwaxed laces. Waxed laces will hold their shape better but are more likely to come undone during play. Unwaxed laces will stay in place better but will eventually begin to Fray and weaken with use.

Hockey players often overlook this aspect and just go with whatever is cheapest. However, this can lead to serious injury. Hockey laces need to be replaced often once you start to notice any wear and tear on them. To help you make an informed decision, here are some facts you should know about each type of lace:

Waxed Hockey Laces

These are the most common hockey lace type and also the most versatile option. The best waxed laces will maintain their shape better than unwaxed hockey laces while providing hockey players with a more secure boot fit. Many professional hockey players opt for waxed laces for matches and training sessions. Let’s look into the benefits and drawbacks so you can get a better idea.


  • Maintain their shape better
  • Stay tight for a more secure boot fit
  • Wax coating prevents fraying and tearing
  • Laces are easier to tie and re-tie even with hockey gloves on.
  • Overall longer lasting


  • Wax gets brittle if not cared for properly
  • Difficult to untie in a rush: this is especially true if you opt to double knot your laces or tug too tight for a secure fit
  • The right fit depends on the player.
  • It causes “lace burn” when tieing which can hurt the hands of younger players.
  • More expensive as compared to your waxed laces

Unwaxed Hockey Laces 

Nonwaxed laces also come with their benefits and drawbacks. While many professional hockey players see waxed laces as a more conventional option, on the other hand, traditional laces are most preferred by beginner and recreational players. Here’s what to expect with a set of unwaxed hockey skate laces. 


  • Easy to grip for beginner and recreational hockey players
  • Inexpensive, making replacements less burdensome
  • Can be untied and retightened in a rush


  • Soaks up water, making it prone to loosening and distortion
  • Easily frays or cuts, especially when accidentally stepped on by blades or wrapped around it during stow.
  • Loosens quickly with consistent abrupt movements
  • Once frayed, it becomes difficult to thread through hockey skate eyelets
  • If you need to retighten while wearing hockey gloves, difficult to grip
  • Not ideal in controlling boot fit/tightness

Ten best sets of laces for hockey skates

Now that we have gone through your two choices in hockey skate laces, and looked into the benefits and drawbacks they have, let’s get to the best sets of laces for ice hockey skates.

Elite Hockey Pro X7 Cotton Hockey Laces (Unwaxed laces)

Elite Hockey PRO-X7 Skate Laces (X7-Black, 96')

The Elite Hockey Pro X7 Cotton Hockey Laces are an unwaxed option. These are also wide laces that ensure skates stay tight during play or training.

In terms of color choices, the lace set comes in 10 different colors, and the length is set at 72″. Depending on the hockey skate brand, 72″ is enough, but bulkier brands may find the length too short of reaching the top eyelet.

Adding it all up, hockey players get a great set of unwaxed laces for a reasonable price. Though not lauded as the best option, it is still great as a personal preference or an extra pair for backup.

TICK 1 e1615707946406
  • Wide laces allow for a secure fit and better ankle mobility.
  • Keeps skates tight even during gameplay and training sessions.
  • Great color options to fit preferences or team colors.
  • Comfortable gripping experience, less “lace burn.”
CROSS e1615715431936
  • Lace length at 72″ does not cater to all sizes and brands of hockey skates.
  • Frays and stretches after only a few uses under professional playing conditions.
  • It may not reach the top eyelet of some hockey skate brands or make due hockey skate size variations.
Elite Hockey PRO-X7 Skate Laces (X7-Black, 96")
  • Elite Hockey unwaxed wide cotton hockey skate laces

Howie’s Waxed Hockey Skate Laces (Waxed laces)

Howies Hockey Skate Laces - 1 Pack - Colored Wax (Choose Your Color) for Youth, Junior and Senior...

Howie’s Laces offer hockey players a waxed option that securely fastens skates without compromising on mobility.

These leaves have been lauded for their durability and sturdy build. You can choose from 7 color variants with a neon twist and more lace length options: 72, 82, 96. 108, 120, and 130 inches.

Howie’s Laces offers variations in sizes that allow a hockey player to ensure their choice laces fit their boot model perfectly without having too little for a secure fit or too much and having to wrap and double knot around. One pair is roughly $15 on Amazon, making an excellent value for the quality, depending on the lace length.

TICK 1 e1615707946406
  • WidOffers up many length options.
  • Constructed well and is known for keeping skates secure, longer.
  • Molded tip helps laces retain quality, less likely to fray easily.
  • The perfect option for breaking in new skates.
CROSS e1615715431936
  • You will have to know exactly which length you need or else end up with a lace pair too long or too short.
  • While these laces stay tied, they can be difficult to untie when used the first few times.
Howies Hockey Skate Laces - 1 Pack - Colored Wax (Choose Your Color) for Youth, Junior and Senior...
  • ✅ WORLD'S HIGHEST QUALITY - Howies Waxed Skate Laces - 1 Pair of Laces Per Pack

Franklin Sports Hockey Skate Laces (Unwaxed laces)

Franklin Sports Sports (200) 42091z 96 Non Waxed Laces, White/Black

The Fraklin Sports Hockey Skate Laces is a nonwaxed option made with fray prevention techniques and supported by a molded tip that allows for easy lacing through skate eyelets.

These quality laces come in three length options: Junior at 84″, Senior at 96″ and 108″. The laces themselves are made with polyester with a nonwaxed finish that is easier on the hands, preventing “lace burn” and making them suitable for young players.

The Fraklin Sports Hockey Skate Laces come in a set of 2 pairs for a little over $20 on Amazon. This way, you can have a backup pair in your bag in case there is a need to replace the one pair currently in use.

TICK 1 e1615707946406
  • Two pairs for the price of one.
  • The molded tip makes it easy to lace through skate eyelets.
  • Build with fray prevention techniques.
  • Easy to lace up, and the unwaxed feature prevents “lace burn” on hands.
CROSS e1615715431936
  • Unwaxed makes it prone to stretching and loosening when it absorbs water.
  • It comes in only two colors: black and white.
Franklin Sports Sports (200) 42091z 96 Non Waxed Laces, White/Black
  • SET OF 2 PAIRS: Includes a white pair and a black pair of laces to let your player choose their own style on the ice!

Titanium White/Black Wax MT Laces (Waxed laces)

No products found.

With the Titanium Wax MT Laces, you get two pairs of hockey laces for around $14 on Amazon with the choice of white or black color variants. These laces come in only one length option of 108″.

The Titanium Wax laces have a molded tip for easy lacing and eyelet placing and are a thin variant compared to the other options we have gone through.

While a thin lace works on hockey skates, it may not be the best option for professional players. The width is insufficient to secure the boot for long periods, especially during high-intensity training or gameplay. Mostly, thin laces are better suited for figure skates rather than hockey skates.

TICK 1 e1615707946406
  • Molded tip for easy lacing.
  • Comes in 2 pairs at around $14.
  • Great backup option to have.
  • A waxed finish will prevent laces from deteriorating quickly.
CROSS e1615715431936
  • Thin laces may not be enough to secure hockey boots.
  • Not many reviews on Amazon, making it difficult to see its performance value fully.

No products found.

A&R Sports USA Hockey Laces (Unwaxed)

A&R Sports USA Hockey Laces, 108-Inch, Neon Pink

Those looking for professionally licensed USA hockey laces should opt for A&R Sports Hockey Laces. These laces in many color and length variations are sold in pairs and sport a triple striker design.

One thing to note about these hockey laces is the double yarn construction, which gives hockey players a tight and secure fit without the need to leave the ice and retighten laces consistently. The A&R Sports places come in 108″, great for senior skate sizes or even juniors skate sizes but double knotted.

Those with skates size five or higher may want to inquire about longer lengths as 108″ is reviewed to fit perfectly for such measure.

TICK 1 e1615707946406
  • Easy to lace through hockey skate eyelets.
  • Proves a tight and secure fit.
  • Does not require constant retightening, even during intense hockey training or gameplay.
  • Premium and licensed brand in the USA.
CROSS e1615715431936
  • May need to inquire about longer lengths
  • Wax coated may cause “lace burn,” and younger players may find it difficult to tighten.

zechy Hockey Laces (non waxed laces)

zechy Hockey Laces Non Waxed - Unwaxed Laces Specifically Made for Skates - Two Pairs - Sizes (72,...

With the zechy Hockey Laces, both professional and recreational players are given a variety of lengths and four color choices to choose from. Each purchase will provide you with two pairs of laces for around $22 on Amazon.

The zechy Hockey laces stay tights, preventing loosening even during intense hockey gameplay or training. The durable build prevents laces from stretching, tearing, and ripping, while a hard mold tip makes easy threading.

On the other hand, those looking for thickness in their hockey laces may not find it with this option as the lace thickness is 7/16th of an inch.

The most sought-after feature here is the ability to tighten laces according to preference without any issues or hurting one’s hands, making them a great option even for younger players.

TICK 1 e1615707946406
  • Provides a secure and tight fit.
  • Hard molded tips prevent fraying.
  • Easy on hands and great for young players.
  • Durable build that prevents stretching and loosening.

CROSS e1615715431936
  • Ordered lengths are longer than advertised (e.g., 108″ is closer to 118″)
  • Medium thickness as compared to other brands.

Kaps Professional Ice Hockey Skate Laces (non waxed laces)

Kaps Professional Ice Hockey Skate Laces Unwaxed Polyester, Inline Roller Blading Skating, Made in...

Kapps Professional Ice Hockey Skate Laces is an unwaxed option built to be extra durable. It is made with polyester fiber braided in the weave. It can hold its form without quickly fraying, no matter how intense the conditions.

These hockey laces are perfect for young professional players. They get hockey laces that are easy to lace up while also ensuring their boots stay secure on their ankles with the rigorous movement of gameplay.

TICK 1 e1615707946406
  • Easy to handle and lace-up, them being unwaxed.
  • Retains ability to stay secure, less retightening.
  • Thick built for better control of hockey skate boot fit.
  • It comes in multiple lengths to suit skate size requirements.
CROSS e1615715431936
  • On the expensive side for unwaxed laces.
  • One purchase comes with only one pair of laces.

Kaps Professional Ice Hockey Skate Laces Unwaxed Polyester, Inline Roller Blading Skating, Made in...
  • EXTRA DURABLE: Laces of top quality with polyester fibers braided in weave that holds up to heavy tension during your pro ice hockey games

Rollerex Gladiator Waxed Hockey Skate Laces (Waxed)

Rollerex Gladiator Waxed Skate Laces (Multiple Size and Color Options) (Pearly Purple, 120')

For those who really want to invest in a sturdy and durable pair of hockey skate laces, the Rollerex Gladiator Waxed Hockey Skate Laces is the way to go.

These laces are on the pricey side, but it is well worth the quality and customer service you will get should you have any concerns about them.

The build of these laces is such that they can withstand the toughest of conditions and remain secure.

The double braided construction prevents them from fraying or breaking, while the wax coating prevents them from loosening or coming undone. This ensures your hockey skates remain snug on your ankles during intense hockey gameplay or training.

TICK 1 e1615707946406
  • Durable waxed hockey lace option.
  • Best for older players looking for extra durability.
  • Wax coated for maximum security.
  • It comes in a variety of colors and lengths to choose from.
CROSS e1615715431936
  • One purchase, one pair of laces.
  • Prices are higher than other options. 

Rollerex Gladiator Waxed Skate Laces (Multiple Size and Color Options) (Pearly Purple, 120")
  • ✅【DURABLE & BUILT TO LAST】-- Super durable braided fiber laces with tight molded tips and high performance paraffin wax

Bont Skates Laces (Waxed)

Bont Skates Waxed Laces - 6mm & 8mm - 47' 71' 79' 96' 108' - Mad About You Navy Blue (6mm Wide / 96...

The Bont Skate Laces are a waxed option sold in one pair of flat laces in either 6mm or 8mm wide options.

The best feature of the Bont laces is that they are treated with high-performance wax, meaning it will take a lot of rigorous gameplay or training for them to peel off.

This is great for professionals as it ensures laces are protected from the moisture of melted ice that usually soaks into laces and damages them.

The molded tip also adds to its durability, keeping fraying and loosening at bay longer. Adding to its durability, these laces are made with the best fibers resistant to moisture and abrasion.

TICK 1 e1615707946406
  • Durable build with molded tip and high-quality fiber.
  • Comes in 16 different color variations.
  • Players can choose between two widths.
  • Multiuse: rollerblades, figure skating skates, hockey skates, and even regular shoelaces.
CROSS e1615715431936
  • Colors are often lighter than advertised.
  • Only one length of 96 inches.
Bont Skates Waxed Laces - 6mm & 8mm - 47" 71" 79" 96" 108" - Mad About You Navy Blue (6mm Wide / 96...
  • BONT WAXED SKATE LACES: These roller skate laces are flat and come in 6mm narrow or 8mm wide with different lengths to suit your roller skate boots. Sold as a pair

Silfrae 2 Pairs Waxed Skate Hockey Laces (Waxed)

Silfrae Waxed Skate Hockey Laces, Sold in Two Pairs, Heavy Duty, Perfect for Hockey, Roller Derby,...

Silfrae Waxed Skate Hockey Laces are sold in 2 pairs per purchase and offer a lace width of 0.41″, perfect for those who prefer a wider width for better control in tightening their hockey skates.

These laces also come in various colors and lengths for better customization and fit based on your boot size.

The biggest draw of these laces is their ability to keep ice skates secure around your ankle, even during gameplay or training, without loosening while on the ice.

TICK 1 e1615707946406
  • Wide laces allow for a secure fit and better ankle mobility.
  • Keeps skates tight even during gameplay and training sessions.
  • Great color options to fit preferences or team colors.
  • Comfortable gripping experience, less “lace burn.”
CROSS e1615715431936
  • Waxing is very light, meaning it does start to come off after only a few uses.
  • Some reviews state that the laces are prone to picking up dirt and grime, making them dirty quickly.

BONUS ITEM: Hockey Ice Skate Lace Tightening Tool 

Kakalote Shoe Lace Tightener Tool, Sports Folding Skate Lace Tightener Hockey Ice Skate Lace...

As mentioned above, tieing ice hockey skate laces can become difficult, especially for younger players using waxed laces. This can lead to “lace burn,” making the hand feel uncomfortable, making it difficult to grip properly.

The perfect solution to that is to purchase a Folding Skate Lace Tightener that helps pull your laces into place for accurate and secure tightening. It becomes easy to readjust laces on the snap with such a tool, even when you still have your hockey goves on.

Plus, it prevents “lace burn” by eliminating the need to tug on the laces when knotting tightly.

TICK 1 e1615707946406
  • Very compact and easy to bring along anywhere.
  • Easily grip with an ergonomic design. Will not slip out of your hands when used.
  • The angled hook easily holds laces and helps adjust it to preferred tightness.
  • Easy to use even with hockey gloves on for quick retightening between ice time.
CROSS e1615715431936
  • It does take some time to get used to. Find a way to use it that suits your needs.
  • The hinge loosens over time which makes controlling the hook more difficult.
Kakalote Shoe Lace Tightener Tool, Sports Folding Skate Lace Tightener Hockey Ice Skate Lace...
  • Shoe Lace Tightener Tool: Helps pull laces tight for desired comfort. Angled to c-apture and holds lace. Prevents lace tearing beveled edges.

Buyer Guide & FAQs

Hockey laces size chart

The length of the hockey skate laces you get will depend on the boot size you have. Here is a quick breakdown of the different sizes and recommendations:

Skate SizeLace length inchesLace length CM
Youth 8 to Junior 3 72 inches180cm
Junior 3.5 to Junior 5.584 inches210cm
Adult 6 to Adult 896 inches240cm
Adult 9 to Adult 10108 inches270cm
Adult 11 to Adult 13120 inches300cm
Adult 14 to Adult 15130 inches330cm

*NOTE: When choosing the proper length, consider your preferred tightness and method of tieing. Both will factor into the “extra” left on laces for a comfortable and secure final knot. Ex. If you prefer double knotting, it is best to get one length longer for ample room.

How do you choose hockey laces?

When choosing the best hockey laces, there are three main things every hockey player needs to keep in mind:

What is your hockey playing level? (professional, recreational, beginner)

The first thing to consider when choosing hockey skating laces is your playing level. Professionals will need to have durable, high-quality laces that do not loosen easily.

Recreational players have the choice of professional-grade or casual play grade, depending on how often they play or the amount they are willing to invest so that replacements will be few and far between.

Beginner and younger players may opt for nonwaxed laces as waxed variants tend to cause “lace burn” on hands, while nonwaxed variants are gentler, easier to tie up.

Should you use waxed or unwaxed laces?

When deciding between waxed and unwaxed laces, as a recommendation, high-level players should opt for waxed laces for the following reasons:

  • They have a better grip so no need to consistently retighten laces as the wax hold laces in place.
  • Allows hockey players to adjust boot fit accurately.
  • Less money is spent on replacements as the wax preserves the integrity of the laces themselves.
  • Can handle the harsh conditions of professional playing.

On the other hand, unwaxed laces are an excellent option for recreational players, young players, or those in beginner levels because:

  • Wax makes laces rough on hands when tied tightly, leading to “lace burn” for sensitive hands.
  • Easier for beginners and young players to untie.
  • Cheaper, so replacing or having an extra pair in reserve is not so expensive.

Which materials are best for hockey skate laces?

The laces are often made with high-grade polyester fiber or cotton, woven intricately to prevent fraying or thread loosening. When waxed, paraffin wax is used to coat the laces. The aglet that makes the molded tip is usually made with a strong plastic material that does not brittle or bend easily.

What are the red flags that signal a brand isn’t the best choice?

If you read reviews that state a hockey lace easily frays, loosens during gameplay, or stretches even after only a few uses, it may not be the best option. Also, make sure the laces you choose have a string molded tip that does not easily come off or break. Once the molded tip is gone, threading through eyelets and tieing laces will become difficult. A broken tip will also speed up fraying the loosening of threads, eventually entering them unusable.

What are the features/reviews to look for in the best hockey skate laces?

Good to have

  • Durable Easy to Tie Doesn’t Fray
  • Stretches Won’t Loosen
  •  Easy to Tie
  • Doesn’t Fray or Stretch easily

 Beware of

  • Expensive in relation to the quality
  • Ties Loosen Easily
  • Doesn’t Last Long 

Keeping these pros and cons in mind while going through your choices makes it relatively easier to spot which brands are best and which brands may not be a great option. The overall goal is to find something comfortable that is at par with your playing level.

A man tying up the best hockey skate laces he has chosen for himself


How long are ice hockey laces?

Based on the options provided above, the shortest available length is 86″ the longest is 196″. The best way to get the correct length is to refer to the lace size chart posted above. This will ensure you have ample lace to tie up properly and tighten hockey skates.

What is a skate lace tightener?

A skate lace tightener is a small hook-like tool that grabs the laces and helps you adjust them to a tighter fit. It allows hockey players to control how secure their boots are and helps prevent “lace burn,” which can be uncomfortable, especially for young players using waxed laces.

Do NHL Players Use Waxed Laces?

Most NHL hockey players opt for a waxed lace option. This is because waxed laces provide extra durability and gripping strength to keep the boot secure even during very extreme playing conditions. Also, waxed laces require fewer adjustments on the rink, so they do not have to worry too much about leaving the ice only to readjust laces that have loosened.

Best hockey skate laces – final thoughts

Choosing the best pair of hockey skate laces is truly a try-and-test situation. There are so many options and brands out there to choose from that relying solely on reviews and recommendations just does not cut the bait. The best way to discover that oh-so-perfect pair is to go down a list of your very own top 5 options and see which one fits your playing style and preference just right.

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