Best Socks For Hockey Skates | 7 Top Picks and Guide

Hockey is a fast-paced, high-intensity sport. Skating at top speeds on the ice means that the feet are constantly moving and thus creating friction with their environment. This can cause blisters or worse, but there may be an easy solution: socks!

The right pair of hockey socks can be an underrated essential piece of hockey kit. They will not only protect your feet from heat exhaustion and blistering, but they’ll also keep your skates from wearing out too quickly. In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of the best socks for hockey skates with some tips to help you choose which one might work best for you.

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Features to look for in a great hockey sock

When shopping for a pair of socks, there are some important features that you might want to consider:

Moisture Wicking: Hockey players are constantly on the ice and usually aren’t granted breaks to dry out. Breathable materials can help keep your feet cool and comfortable during the game.

Antimicrobial: Bacteria-resistant materials will help keep skates and socks fresh during the game.

Skating Specific: Material specifically designed for skating can make all the difference in how your feet feel at the end of a tough game.

High Calf: Extra material on the “high-five” part of your shin can help keep socks from sliding down and wasting energy.

Reinforced Toe and Heel: The toes and heels are especially prone to wear, so it might be worth it to find a sock that has reinforced stitching in these areas.

Ultrathin Material: Light socks with thin materials are ideal for hockey, as they won’t rub against the skate and will help keep your feet fresh.

Product reviews

1. Swiftwick Hockey Sock

Swiftwick Hockey Sock, Small, Gray

Swiftwick Hockey socks are manufactured in the United States. Olefin fiber is used to make these socks, which wick moisture and dry quickly. 38 percent nylon, 25% Olefin fiber, 28% HG (cut-resistant fiber), and 9% spandex for abrasion-resistant, durable and colorfast material composition.

Swiftwick socks wick moisture away from your feet to keep them dry and comfortable even in warm weather conditions. These socks are ideal for use on the ice or when you’re training off the ice.

Swiftwick’s Hockey Socks are designed to be worn with skates and feature a cut-resistant fiber that protects the Achilles and tibial tendons from skate lacerations. The Y-shape stitch creates a contoured heel pocket that moves with the foot. The sock’s Sweat Ejection Port keeps feet dry, while a 200 needle count ensures durability.

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  • Highly breathable material keeps the feet cool.
  • Anti-microbial properties prevent odor and infection.
  • Reinforced heel and toe for added protection
  • Comfortable material won’t irritate the skin
  • Cut Proof
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  • Sizes can run small; consider ordering a size larger than normal
  • A little expensive compared to other brands
Swiftwick Hockey Sock, Small, Gray
  • MADE IN THE USA: Swiftwick socks are made in the USA, an important commitment we make to our customers and local communities. Purchase includes one pair of socks.

TronX Cut-Resistant Performance Hockey Socks

TronX Cut-Resistant Performance Hockey Socks, Moisture Wicking, Full Level 4 Protection

TronX Cut-Resistant Performance Hockey Socks are designed to provide you with comfort and performance in an ice hockey game. These socks are made of a high-level cut-resistant material that protects skate blades.

The smooth, cool fibers dissipate heat and allow airflow while the moisture-wicking helps keep your feet dry. In addition, TronX Cut-Resistant Performance Hockey Socks feature a seamless top band that prevents slippage.

These socks are ideal for both ice and roller hockey as they have an easy to pull on cuff and extra stretch across the ankle and shin. In addition, the foot itself features an anti-slip bottom design, wicking material, antimicrobial technology, support around the arch area, breathable fabric, and a moisture management system.

TICK 1 e1615707946406
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Cut-Resistant
  • Smooth and cool fibers dissipate heat and allow airflow
  • Perfect fit
  • Extra material around the ankle and shin for added protection
  • Abrasion-resistant materials keep the socks fresh
CROSS e1615715431936
  • It can wear out quickly in comparison to other brands
  • Sizes run a little big; consider ordering a size smaller than normal
TronX Cut-Resistant Performance Hockey Socks, Moisture Wicking, Full Level 4 Protection
  • PERFECT FIT - Generous 4 way stretch and 3 compression zones provide proper fit and minimize slippage.

3. Dimok Hiking Hockey Socks

dimok Warm Socks for Men Hockey Hiking Athletic Moisture Wicking Trekking Sports Crew Winter Sock...

Dimok Hiking Socks are designed with the best combination of moisture-wicking and comfortable, the optimal level of support for your feet. They can keep you dry and cool all day long while walking, hiking, running, or doing any other outdoor activities.

The great combination of polypropylene and spandex provides a perfect fit for the shape of your foot. In addition, it is moisture-wicking and comfortable. These socks’ 90% polyester and 10% spandex composition increase their durability while giving them a comfortable fit. They also have an anti-bacterial effect that keeps your feet fresh throughout all daily activities.

The effect will be deodorizing antibacterial moisture absorbent. These hiking socks are very comfortable to wear, breathable. You can wear them not only for sport but also for office work or leisure time.

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  • Moisture-wicking
  • Durable
  • Anti-microbial technology to prevent odor and infection
  • 90% polyester, 10% spandex composition provides a perfect fit for the shape of your foot
  • Comfortable

CROSS e1615715431936
  • Sizes run a little big; consider ordering a size smaller than normal
dimok Warm Socks for Men Hockey Hiking Athletic Moisture Wicking Trekking Sports Crew Winter Sock...
  • BREATHABLE AND WARM - Dimok Cold Weather Warm Hiking Socks are moisture absorbent comfortable. Best support, great for active life styles, trekking, trails, mountains, camping and sports.

4. Elite Hockey Pro-Liner Junior Tube Sock

Elite Hockey, Coolmax Pro-Liner Tube Sock (Carbon, Junior)

Elite Hockey Pro-Liner Junior Tube Socks are made of 67% COOLMAX Active fabric, 14% Rubber, 17% Nylon, and 2% LYCRA fiber composition for optimal durability. In addition, they provide the appropriate amount of support so you can stay active in your game.

The thin sock features an anti-slip system that helps keep them securely in place. In addition, elite Hockey Pro-Liner Junior Tube Socks have a seamless toe that prevents discomfort and ensures no pressure points on the foot while keeping it warm and dry.

This sock is ultra-thin and form-fitting to give you a thin second layer feel. The EH cuff keeps the sock comfortably in place while giving you a comfortable fit. Hand sewed ultra-flat antifriction toe seam gives you a smooth transition from your skate to your shin guards or skates.

TICK 1 e1615707946406
  • Athletic tapered fit provides a perfect, high-performance fit
  • An anti-slip system keeps the socks securely in place
  • Seamless toe to prevent discomfort and ensure no pressure points on the foot
  • Form-fitting to give you a thin second layer feel

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  • Perfect Sizes are a bit hard to get
Elite Hockey, Coolmax Pro-Liner Tube Sock (Carbon, Junior)
  • Created from Coolmax/Sport Nylon for durability and maximum comfort

6. Bamboo Sports Odor Resistant Moisture Wicking Socks

Bamboo Sports Warm Odor Eliminating Moisture Wicking Bamboo Ski Snowboard Socks

Keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable with these Bamboo Sports Odor Resistant Moisture Wicking Socks. Bamboo socks naturally keep your feet and skates odor free even after wearing them all day! If your skates smell terrible after a day of wearing, then these socks are exactly what you need. You will be amazed by how fresh your feet and skates smell even after a long day on the ice.

The socks are made of 80% bamboo rayon, 15% Polyester and 5% Spandex to provide long-lasting warmth and moisture-wicking ability.

The socks come in a premium, long, fitted style and fit both men and women. They have a cushioned sole to keep your feet happy all day and the premium warmth and breathability for a lightweight fit will be a welcome relief from wet, smelly socks.

TICK 1 e1615707946406
  • Super soft and comfortable
  • Bamboo Socks are naturally moisture wicking so that your feet stay nice and dry
  • They are also breathable and lightweight while still warm enough to keep your feet warm during a snowstorm
  • Unisex
CROSS e1615715431936
  • A bit pricey
Bamboo Sports Warm Odor Eliminating Moisture Wicking Bamboo Ski Snowboard Socks
  • KEEP YOUR FEET DRY AND ODOR FREE EVEN AFTER A FULL DAY OF SKIING OR SNOWBOARDING: Bamboo Sports Ski & Snowboard Socks keep your feet dry and odor free all day. If you would like to have dry, odor free...

6. Hockey Compression socks – Crew Length moisture wicking

zechy Hockey Compression socks - Crew Length moisture wicking performance hockey skate socks Black...

The crew length moisture-wicking performance hockey skate socks are an excellent way to keep your feet comfortable and healthy during sports or any other strenuous activity.

They are thicker socks made with compression areas in the arch and lower calf, allowing for damage prevention to major muscles and joints. They also use wicking technology to reduce moisture and destroy bacteria build-up, which is what causes bad smells. This leaves you with a sock that not only feels good on your feet but looks great too.

These socks have been designed with the athlete in mind, providing arch lower calf compression which keeps the foot supported through rigorous games or practices.

With generous cushioning and a design that wicks away moisture for dry feet, these socks offer an additional level of both comfort and protection for athletes who demand premium performance gear.

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  • Arched bottoms provide premium support throughout all athlete efforts
  • Provides dual level of protection through moisture wicking technology as well as padding to resist abrasions from playing surfaces
  • Offers softness due to low protein content

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  • Concerns about longevity
zechy Hockey Compression socks - Crew Length moisture wicking performance hockey skate socks Black...
  • COMPRESSION SOCKS: Prevent muscle fatigue and support the foot arch with these crew style compression skate socks. Each skate sock has compression areas in the arch lower calf.

7. ChalkTalkSPORTS Hockey Half Cushioned Crew Socks

ChalkTalkSPORTS Hockey Half Cushioned Crew Socks | Crossed Sticks | Red/White

ChalkTalkSPORTS Hockey Half Cushioned Crew Socks are the perfect blend of fashion and sport. The arch compression pads the contours of your feet to provide a super comfortable and breathable fit, allowing you to focus all of your energy on gliding across the ice.

The moisture-wicking technology paired with a game-changing air-circulating ventilation blend means that these performance socks dry measurably faster than cotton.

The half-cushion foot pad is made with a thin, breathable material to provide all-day comfort and support, while the heel and toe pads reduce pressure points and increase stability in high-wear areas. These socks come in an 11-inch tall version for taller skaters or players who prefer more coverage with athletic compression performance.

TICK 1 e1615707946406
  • Moisture Wicking
  • CuMoisture wicking technology paired with air-circulating ventilation blend
  • Arch compression pads
  • Reduces points and increases stability at high-wear areas
  • The 11-inch tall version is available for taller skaters or players who prefer more coverage
  • It comes in a variety of fun, colorful patterns to match any uniform

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  • None that I found!

Buyer Guide For Best Skate Socks

Whether you play ice or roller hockey, a good pair of skates socks is essential to keep your feet dry and comfortable on the ice. Skating burns up to 500-1000 calories per hour depending on the intensity and skill level, so having a high-quality sock can make all the difference in comfortability while playing.

Helpful tips before buying: When looking for the best socks for skating, there are several things you should look for to ensure maximum performance and comfortability during gameplay:


Look for a thin material that is moisture absorbing (not cotton). Cotton socks have little ability to absorb sweat after extended periods of use, making your feet wetter, which will only lead to discomfort. Instead, look for technology such as moisture-wicking or air circulating ventilation, which both do a much better job absorbing and wicking sweat.


It would be best to have a fit that stays snug while you play without moving around inside your skate. Look for socks with arch compression pads that contour to the shape of your feet for maximum comfortability during gameplay. Performance socks are normally thinner, so they can be worn comfortably under any boot or shoe. The last thing you want is a sock bunching up when it’s not supposed to!


A sock’s comfortability is a combination of all of the factors above and how well you feel during gameplay. You want to wear socks that you can’t feel in your hockey skate when laced up tightly, allowing you to enjoy the game night completely. On the other hand, if you feel like you’re always aware of your socks when playing, it’s time to try a new pair.


Sock sizes range from small to XXXL. For the best fit, measure your calf circumference and length of the foot (from toes to heel), then use this chart:

For example, according to this chart above, I am a US Women’s size 9-10, which is in the Medium Size Range. My calf circumference is 15 inches around, so my perfect size would be Large for maximum comfortability!


Socks aren’t something you want to have to replace monthly. Make sure the socks you get are made with high-quality material that will not only last but can also handle hours of gameplay and trips through the washing machine when needed!


If you’re shopping for a pair of hockey skates socks, chances are they’re not black or white, which can be tough to match with uniforms. So instead, look for fun colors and patterns that make your team stand out and look stylish!


Socks can range from $5 – $100, depending on their quality and technology. If you’re looking for the best socks for hockey skates, expect to pay around $15-30+. Of course, expensive isn’t always better. Look for low prices if you want the best budget option! However, I would definitely recommend spending more than less because you will definitely notice a difference in quality and comfortability when playing.

An ice hockey player wearing the best socks for hockey skates

Skating Barefoot vs. Wearing Skate Socks

Skating barefoot is a great way to improve your stride, ankle stability, and overall technique. However, without a pair of socks between you and the ice, your feet will get wet and uncomfortable very quickly, leading to discomfort during gameplay. Therefore, a sock is essential for every hockey skater!

You might even get hurt if you’re skating barefoot because your feet can slip on the ice. Ice skates are sharp blades made for cutting into the ice and help with propulsion, which is why they work great in hockey games! Unfortunately, if you don’t have a skate protecting you from slipping, there’s no way to prevent injuries.

Wearing skate socks will make your ice time more comfortable and fun while also protecting you from falls, slippage, and injuries. Wearing a skate sock allows you to have full control of what’s between you and the ice giving you an accurate sense of how hard to push.

If you wear socks, you can still get a feel for how fast/slow your feet are moving during gameplay without having to be completely barefoot. They’re thin yet durable enough to protect your feet! Also, if they get wet or sweaty (which happens A LOT when playing hockey), there’s no need to worry about slipping because they will dry fast after being washed or dried quickly in the locker room at the rink.

The best skating socks only protect but add comfortability and functionality to your play. Hockey skates are expensive and not worth damaging, so play with socks on!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What kind of socks do you wear with hockey skates?

You need a sock that will protect your feet without sacrificing grip and stability when cutting. Your sock must be thin enough to keep contact between you and the ice skate but strong enough not to rip or tear while wearing the skates. Hockey socks are usually made with compression technology which increases blood flow, stabilizes ankles, and keeps muscles/joints warm during gameplay.

How do I keep my feet warm while skating?

Wearing a thin pair of socks will keep your feet warm during gameplay. Many hockey players wear two pairs of socks for extra warmth while playing the game they love!

Do these come in my size?

Most likely yes, especially if you are an adult player. The only thing to watch out for is calf circumference which varies from sock company to company.

How do I wash hockey skates socks?

Hockey skates socks are machine washable, but it is recommended to wash them with like colors and fabrics. Then air-dry them or put them on delicate in the dryer! Don’t let your hockey skates’ socks sit wet in the washer too long because they will grow mold/mildew, which is so gross. Hockey players always need more socks, so don’t worry about ruining a pair and make sure you have extra for next time.

Are Compression Socks good for hockey?

Yes, compression technology is great for hockey because it increases blood flow to the injured/sore areas. It also provides stability and warmth during gameplay!


Hockey socks are essential for every skater. Hockey players need to have a sock that they can rely on during gameplay because it’s when you will notice the difference between low-quality and high-quality socks!

You can grab any of the above socks as all of them are the best recommendations. However, if you are still amongst them, I suggest you go with Swiftwick Hockey Sock, which is a perfect and versatile sock for all kinds of uses.

Do you have any questions? Please write in the comments below, and I wil

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