7 Of The Best Skate Guards And Soakers To Protect Your Blades

Taking care of your skate blades is not something to skimp on. Many professional hockey players can attest to how expensive it can get to have them maintained or replaced should the damage make them unusable. 

Since hockey skate blades are essential components of a skate boot, it is surprising that people tend to forget about getting skate blade covers when buying all the equipment needed to play hockey! Failing to care for your blades properly can cause severe damage such as rusting, chipping, and dulling faster than they should. The best way to ensure the longevity of your skate blade? Get a reliable pair of the best skate guards! Let’s go through your options.

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Features to look for in a great set of skate guards and soakers

Skate Guards:

  • Effectively protects blade edges when off ice
  • Easy to place and remove from blade
  • Provides enough balance to be usable walking with boots off the ice.

Skate Soakers:

  • Absorbs and wicks away excess moisture
  • Made of thick, durable cloth
  • Elasticity and size match blade length
  • Drys quickly and is easy to clean
A pair of ice skates. Owning the best skate guards will make them last as long as possible.

Guards vs Soakers

Before we get to our top recommendations for skate blade protectors, it’s essential to know the difference between hockey skate guards and soakers. While both works to minimize blade damage, the functions of these two skate covers are different. After, you can easily pick which choice is best for blade protection, skate guards or skate soakers.

Skate Guard

Skate guards are made from hard thin plastic and provide a secure cover for skate blades. While they are usually used for figure skates, it’s not uncommon to see hockey players use them to keep blades sharp. This is for convenience’s sake, for one, so skaters do not have to remove and re-wear their boots each time they leave the ice to protect their blades.

Their main purpose is to protect the edges when not on the ice. Blades will dull more quickly or chip if they hit your other gear when stored or constantly come in direct contact with non-ice surfaces like foam, tile, or concrete. Skate guards also double as protection against accidental cuts and scapes when looking for gear inside your bag.

Skate Soaker

Skate soakers are made of soft moisture absorbant and durable cloth. The purpose of soakers is to wick away any moisture that blades produce after ice sessions. Since the blades are still cool and do not match the air around them when not in use, blades tend to produce condensation as they start to match the off-ice temperature. Immidetly storing cool blades (or even wet ones) can cause rust to form. Long-term, it can lead to corrosion, making blades brittle and unusable.

Soakers should not be used to walk like skate guards. This will cause damage to both your blades and the soaker cloth itself. Vice versa, skate guards, are not a substitute for soakers as they do not absorb or wick away moisture. Guards will trap moisture, making rust more likely.

Ideally, getting both is the best solution for optimal blade care. The next section is all about getting the best pair of both for your skates.

7 Recommended Covers For Skate Blades

Here are the 7 skate covers we recommend to keep your blades from damage such as rust, corrosion, untimely dulling, and chipping.

1. A&R Sports TuffTerrys Hockey Blade Covers (Soaker)

A&R Sports TuffTerrys Hockey Blade Cover, Small, Red

When it comes to soakers, the A&R Sports TuffTerrys checks off all the essential points. After long hours on the ice, the liner wicks away any moisture your blades have. Additionally, the bottom outside and inside is reinforced with durable polypropylene for added blade protection. This pair of skate blade soaker is also elastic enough to wrap the blade securely up to senior hockey skates and figure skates without overstretching.

The TuffTerrys soakers also offer up a variety of different colors to choose from, making it a great choice if you want to purchase various colors for different people. You can also choose from small, medium, and the large size fits depending on blade length.

TICK 1 e1615707946406
  • Collapsable goals and portable parts.
  • Durable polypropylene build
  • Thick cushioning for blade protection
  • Caters to a wide range of blade sizes
  • Different colors to choose from
CROSS e1615715431936
  • Sizes on the details section are not accurate for figure skate blades
  • Elastic bands snap if the soaker is too small and overstretched. Best to get a larger size than an exact fit.
A&R Sports TuffTerrys Hockey Blade Cover, Small, Red
  • Reinforced with Durable Polypropylene on the Bottom Inside and Outside

2. Proguard Sports Ice Skate Blade Covers (Guard)

Pro Guard Sports Ice Skate Blade Covers, Deluxe Figure Skate Guards are Easy to Adjust and Can Be...

Skate blade guards like the Proguard Sports Ice are the perfect solution for skaters who don’t want to remove their skates every time they exit the rink. Using skate guards extends the time between sharpening and prevents chips and damage to your blade, allowing you to walk around on other surfaces. Plus, the bottom features a ridged design that gives a better grip on floors while walking, so you don’t have to worry about slipping.

The Proguards are compatible with hockey skates with an easy-to-adjust design. The size fits can be trimmed by the seller if necessary, making it an excellent option for smaller boot sizes. There is also a great selection of bright and different colors to choose from, depending on your style!

TICK 1 e1615707946406
  • Collapsable goals and portable parts.
  • DuEasy-to-use design allows for instant removal and placement.
  • Ridged bottom provides a better surface grip.
  • Request to cut for smaller sized boots
  • One size fits MOST.]Works for both hockey and figure skates
CROSS e1615715431936
  • The strong sweet candy scent used can be quite strong (kids love it, though)
  • Colors are not accurate in some cases
Pro Guard Sports Ice Skate Blade Covers, Deluxe Figure Skate Guards are Easy to Adjust and Can Be...
  • EFFECTIVELY PROTECTS SKATE BLADES: Use these premium ice skate guards to protect your blades after you get off the ice. They’ll help extend the time between sharpenings and protect against chips and...

3. Rollergard Ice Skate Guard (Guard…and more)

Rollergard Ice Skate Guards, One Size Fits All, Blue

For those looking for an out-of-the-box take on typical skate guards, the Rollerguard Ice Skate Guard is a great choice to explore. This inventive skate cover protects your skate blades when off ice with the added feature of rollerblade wheels.

A fun take on classic hockey player equipment. Great when you need to “walk” (in this case, roll) a long distance. The creative patented design keeps your blades from dulling to keep skates shaper. The wheels also have a non-marking feature, preventing them from leaving damage or scratches on different surfaces. It’s perfect for hockey players who spend tons of time in the rink going in and out, taking away the hassle of changing out of boots every time.

TICK 1 e1615707946406
  • Fun, creative take on classic blade guards
  • Easy to place and remove
  • Kids will love rolling around on the wheels off the ice
  • Retains blade sharpness by keeping away direct contact from non-ice surfaces
CROSS e1615715431936
  • Recommended for skaters under 200LBS and with skate size 9 or smaller
  • Pricey option for a skate guard
Rollergard Ice Skate Guards, One Size Fits All, Blue
  • Our patented design also keeps your blades from ever touching the bottom of your RollerGards, so your skates stay sharper longer

4. Supergard Ice Skate Guard (Guard)

Supergard Ice Skate Guard, Black

In terms of durability, stability, and functionality, required for hockey gear, the Supergard Ice Skate Gaurd checks off all the boxes. One of the considerations to take when looking for the right pair of guards prevents moisture from building up or staying trapped when it is used. Because most skate guards are made of plastic or rubber, this is often common.

These hockey skate guards protect your blades from rust and corrosion with the drainage holes incorporated in the design. The drain holes make sure that melting ice does not leave puddles in the guard that soaks your blades for long periods of time. The drain holes also give a good amount of ventilation so moisture caused by condensation can escape as your blade warms up.

TICK 1 e1615707946406
  • Side drainage holes
  • Non-slip latch prevents it from falling off
  • Very durable
  • Wide stance and serrated bottom
CROSS e1615715431936
  • Only comes in black
  • Longer length blades may not fit
Supergard Ice Skate Guard, Black
  • Non-slip strap so your Supergards never fall off

5. Elite Pro Blade Soakers (2012) (Both)

Elite Hockey, Pro-Blade Soakers, Red, Youth/Small, up to size 13 youth

For those looking to get two functions in one, the Elite Pro Skate Guard Blade Soakers is the way to go. These soakers are soft and moisture absorbent on the inside with a water-resistant outer lining that will protect skate blades from corrosion or rust. Both layers work together to offer up maximum protection for skate blades. The elastic design hugs the form of the blade to make sure it stays securely on when in stow or walking around. Also, the elastic feature makes it easy to place and remove.

The rubber traction of the Elite Pro Skate Guard allows it to double as a hockey skate guard, meaning players can use it to walk around off rink. Available sizes include junior, medium, and adult from 1 to 5.

TICK 1 e1615707946406
  • Does the job of both soaker and guard
  • Remains secure on blades
  • All-round blade protection
  • Perfect for younger skaters (easy to place and remove)
CROSS e1615715431936
  • Requires proper care to keep usable
  • It May feel too wobbly for some to walk in
Elite Hockey, Pro-Blade Soakers, Red, Youth/Small, up to size 13 youth
  • Specially designed to easily slip over the sharp edges of your skate blades, providing the ultimate protection

6. Guardog ChameleonZ Skate Guards (Guard)

Guard Dog Universal Ice Skate Guards - Hard - White

The Guardog ChamelionZ Skate Guards is a versatile option with only one size. It comes in different colors and is made with stiff rubber that provides ample protection for blades when walking on hard surfaces. This skate blade protects sold by the pair and is 20.32 cm in length. Keep the length in mind when purchasing for your respective blade size.

The springs can allow the guard to stretch a little more to fit larger-sized blades, but it will leave an exposed area at the center. These protesters are best for youth skates.

TICK 1 e1615707946406
  • Great for recreational skaters looking for a cheaper option
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Protects from chips and dirt, good
  • Allows skaters to walk on blades off ice
CROSS e1615715431936
  • Only comes in one size
  • If it is not an exact fit, it can fall off the blades
Guard Dog Universal Ice Skate Guards - Hard - White
  • These universal hard guards are a great way to protect your blades from chips and dirt when you are not on the ice.

7. Sports Blade Cover Ice Skate Blade Covers (Both)

Sports Blade Cover Ice Skate Blade Covers Skate Blade Protector Skating Soakers Cover Blades Skate...

The Sports Blade Cover works well if you are looking for a two-in-one purchase for skate blade covers to protect edges from rust and dulling. These are an especially great choice for recreational players who are looking fr a good bargain on quality and functionality. Having both gives your blades the best protection against damage without breaking your wallet. Just make sure to get the correct size based on your blade fit, so the soakers do not get holes in the end, and the guards will not fall off.

The soakers in this set are made with soft, flexible, and absorbent cloth that wicks away moisture, while the guards come with a latch to keep them from falling off the blade when in use. The guards also have a tractioned bottom, making walking balanced and even. Also, having a thick build, the soakers are less prone to holes caused by the edges of the skate. Overall, these make a great equipment addition for any skater looking for a great deal on blade protection gear.

TICK 1 e1615707946406
  • Two in one offers all-round blade protection for a cheap price
  • Simple to wear and works on both hockey and figure skates
  • Absorbent cotton material on soakers
  • Tough rubber on guards
CROSS e1615715431936
  • Suitable for hockey size 7 and up and figure skates size 6 and up
  • Only comes in black.
Sports Blade Cover Ice Skate Blade Covers Skate Blade Protector Skating Soakers Cover Blades Skate...
  • Complete skate set: you will receive 1 pair of sports blade cover and 1 pair of skate guard in L size, 2 pairs in total, serving as essential equipments to protect your blades when walking off the...

Best skate guards buyer guide & FAQs

Before you press the buy button on your new set of skate guards or skate soakers, here are some important things to consider.

The quality of material

Looking into the quality of materials used is a necessity to consider. For soakers, if the material is not absorbent or helps neutralize moisture, then it is likely that rust and corrosion can still happen. For guards, if the rubber is not durable enough to withstand walking on rough or hard surfaces, they could break or wear down, exposing your blade directly to chips, scratches, and dulling.

The size your chosen cover can fit

Each skate has its own blade size. Not all guards and soakers will cater to all. Always keep in mind the length of your blade when choosing guards and soakers. Soakers are more likely to get holes in the ends or have the elastic snap if they are overstretched on the blade. Similarly, they risk consistently falling off if the blade is smaller in size than the cover.

How much should you spend?

Some brands of soakers and guards will inevitably be more expensive than another. For recreational use, it is okay to go for a cheaper option like the two-in-one option. However, if you spend tons of time training, going for a more durable option will save you from consistently buying new pairs due to the wear and tear of consistent use.

FAQ section

Is it OK to walk on a hard surface with skate guards?

Walking on hard surfaces with hockey skate guards is OKAY, provided they are secure on your blade, and you are sure they will not slip off with your steps. Also, make sure your feet are comfortable and fitted with the right insoles for skates to make walking off ice easier. Test walking on the matted surfaces first if you are not sure before using them on hard surfaces that will damage your blade if they fall off.

Can you walk on concrete with skate guards?

Provided that the skate guards are made with durable material and have enough traction to give ample balance and support, hockey skate guards can be used to walk on concrete. However, if this is done very frequently, you risk wearing down the rubber of the guard more quickly. Make sure to consider how long you plan to walk on concrete. If you plan to walk a few blocks down, it may be best to change out of your blades.

Should I use soakers or guards when storing my skates?

It is best to use soakers right after an ice session to soak up any moisture built up on the blades. Ideally, you should let them air dry until they are at room temperature before covering them up again for long periods. But, if it is necessary, you can use soakers to cover your blades before placing them in your bag and take them off to dry further once you are in your car or at home.

Are skate soakers necessary?

Yes. Skate soakers prevent rust and corrosion caused by moisture not properly dried from the blade before storage. It’s also highly recommended to wipe your blades with a towel before placing the soakers on the blade for maximum dryness.

Do I need both soaker and guard?

Most professional players will say yes. Soakers ensure that rust does not form on the blade when stored in your bag after a long ice session, while guards prevent fast dulling and potential chips from walking with them off the ice. Both work together to ensure the longevity and usability of blades.

Final Thoughts

Hockey skate guards and soakers both work together to ensure you have sharp blades free from rust and damage. Protecting your blades keeps them from being destroyed earlier than usual so you can also get the best use out of them. Plus, blade protection goes a long way in saving you tons of money in buying a new set of boots because of unusable blades.

Proper maintenance and care is the best thing you can do for your skates so you can always know they remain sharp and ice ready for matches, training, and competitions.

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